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Dance Stitchery - Launched in Lockdown

We launched Dance Stitchery in the depths of Lockdown 2020. We set out with the vision of making ballet wrap skirts for sparkly dancers. We searched for brilliant, fun and floaty fabrics. We spent time creating and experimenting with different skirt patterns until we found the perfect shape and style. Those were the easy bits! More time was spent designing and setting up our website and ecommerce platform – definitely a learning experience! And we still have lots to learn, but all of it was fun and at the end of July, our first collection and website were ready to go. And we went….

Ballet Wrap Skirts for Sparkly Dancers

Having talked about it excitedly to everyone all summer we were delighted when our first orders arrived and were delivered. It is brilliant to see sparkly dancers doing what they do best in our floaty creations. We love it!

Then disaster struck! The fantastic (and it was fantastic!) summer storm in August meant our lovely sewing studio was flooded, along with some of our fabrics, all of our threads and, worst of all, our beloved and much used sewing machine. But, every cloud has a silver lining. We were super excited to take delivery an utterly fabulous new sewing machine and a whole host of new threads in a multitude of colours (we couldn’t help ourselves!). All outstanding orders have been completed with a huge thanks to the dancers (and their parents) for their understanding and patience.

Dance Stitchery's new equipment and fancy thread collection
Silver Linings come in all forms

Lockdown Easing

With lockdown easing (at least a little bit), and dancers getting back into their studios we are now planning our next collection. Whilst our current collection is mainly for younger/teen dancers we will have adult sized versions in our new fabrics. Look out for new skirts and more size options coming soon.

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What's next?

Skirt of the Week. Each week we will feature skirt from our current collection.

A new Collection. It's in the planning at the moment. Watch this space...

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